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Influencer marketing is the current buzzword in this era of the growing dominance of eCommerce. Yet there are people who don`t really know how influencer marketing works and what is the first step towards success in influencer marketing.

We have updated this article to simplify the basics of influencer marketing as in 2021, and discover 3 awesome ways to rock your first step in Influencer Marketing

1. What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a brand collaborating with online influencers to market or promote their products or services

It is a collaboration between brands and influencers. Here an influencer can be defined as someone who:

  • Has the power to affect or change the purchasing decisions or behaviour of others because of his or her authority, position or relationship with his or her audience.
  • Has followers in a particular niche but not necessarily famous as a full-fledged celebrity
  • They might have 10k or 100k followers but the decision to choose mainly depends on the authority and following of influencer

One of the biggest points here is that brands often fail to see the difference between celebrities and influencers. Below are the main points of difference:

  • Influencers have systematically built a keen and enthusiastic audience in a particular niche unlike celebrity
  • Influencers doesn`t necessarily appear on TV or traditional medium against celebrity. The major medium of communication for influencers is social media.
  • Influencers are go to people who provide answer to people`s questions unlike celebs

2. What Influencer marketing is not?

What influencer marketing is not?
  •   Influencer marketing isn`t just finding someone with huge following and offering them money to say good things about the brand.

This is much more. Genuine influencers who have grown their channel organically usually don’t collaborate solely for money. They truly care about their audience and always want to give them the best.

  • Influencer marketing is not about overnight results

It requires a similar kind of vision, execution and patience as would social media marketing and other forms of marketing.

  • Influencer marketing isn`t about popular faces

Assuming that people with the highest following would be an influencer is an absolutely false assumption. An influencer can be a loyal customer of your brand whom people listen to and look up to.

3. How Influencer marketing works?

How Influencer Marketing Works

Just like any marketing campaign, influencer marketing requires strategic planning and seamless execution.

a. How to find influencers aka Research Phase

Research is the first and foremost step in influencer marketing. Choose your platform for primary focus. Do not try to go berserk on all platforms. The best way is to go with the channel where the presence of the brand is strongest.

Also, make a list of the type of influencers you are interested in. As mentioned earlier, do not after sheer number of followers. Rather look for engagement, comments and brands endorsed by these influencers.

b. How much to pay and overall strategy aka Management Phase

You need to figure out how much to pay each influencer and set your budget. Identify the payment standards according to influencer category and industry.

Also, influencer marketing is not a set-up-and-play kind of game. It requires hands-on planning and a refined approach. There is moment marketing, timeline commitments, evolved relationships with influencers and much more.

For companies with deep pockets, hiring a professional influencer marketing agency might take care of the first and second point.

c. Influencer Outreach and Tracking the Metrics aka Execution Phase

There are few ways to measure success or find out areas of improvement.

Hashtags: Create customized hashtags like #nikejustdoit to track what your influencers doing and the impact created by them.

Impressions: This metric shows how many people have been reached in a specific period. This is crucial in determining the effectiveness of the campaign.

Engagement: To track the likes, comments and shares to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign

Video views: Total number of times video has been viewed helps in retargeting

4. Top 5 Influencer Marketing Tools


Upfluence is a full-scale influencer platform, offering a well-rounded set of features. A pivotal part of influence, however, is its influencer search and discovery engine.

It features a massive database of over 3 million influencer profiles. Upfluence’s AI indexes and updates these profiles in real-time. The algorithm analyses each piece of content for reach and engagement.

Clients can search through Upfluence to find influencers using as many keywords as necessary. By drilling down with keywords, you start to narrow the pool a little bit. You can place a relative weight on each keyword, making some more important than others. You can also narrow your search even further on Instagram, using criteria like location, social platform, or the number of followers.


AspireIQ describes itself as a community intelligence marketing platform built for advocacy. It sees your community as being the best influencers of all. It considers your community to be like-minded customers, creatives, professionals, experts, employees, and brand representatives who share similar values and passion tied to your brand beyond the product or service you sell.

You can use AspireIQ to turn every connection into value.

AspireIQ has built a database of more than six million content creators, so you can find the perfect partners with whom to collaborate. And AspireIQ grows with you. You can streamline each step of your campaign with their automated step-by-step workflow that adapts to your needs, from first connection and product fulfillment to content approval and tracking. This means you can expand your reach to hundreds of influencers if you wish.


Hypeauditor is one of the best tools out there to find out influencer`s ranking by the number of quality and engagement of followers.

HypeAuditor’s AI analyses thoroughly and ranks bloggers by quality followers and authentic engagement. They gather raw data from different sources, depersonalize and cluster it. They take only real followers and likes from them into consideration. The algorithm then ranks influencers and forms the global top influencers’ lists, updated daily.

Post For Rent

Post for rent is a full-fledged influencer tool. Brands and influencers leave reviews for each other and act as references by providing legitimate testimonies

If you do choose to search for influencers, Post for Rent shows you thumbnails of suitable influencers, with their ratings, a credibility score, and basic stats. You can then click on those influencers who interest you, and they are added to a list on the right-hand side of your screen. You can keep refining your search—based on influencer and audience attribute—and the list never disappears.

Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreach is a powerful, all-in-one influencer marketing tool used widely around the world. It provides instant access to over 25 million bloggers and social media influencers.

How does it work?

It allows you to look for influencers in your niche. Just type in your keywords and find thousands of results. Then filter the results by tags like bloggers, influencers, or companies.

Also, you can launch automated email outreach campaigns with customized templates. Custom templates ensure that every message you send to your influencers is personalized. Automating follow-ups is also possible.

6. Top 5 Influencer Marketing Case Studies

1. Ola Prime Time


Promoting Ola’s new and improved Prime cab service that offered superior amenities such as free Wi-Fi, best-rated drivers and premium vehicles in Bangalore.


Ola teamed up with celebrities like Milind Soman and Abish Matthew to give them one of the most memorable rides of their lives in cabs booked by Ola Prime passengers.

Sparking interest among their audience and social media users, Ola banked on the popularity of these influencers and successfully reached millions of people.


Thrilled passengers and Ola’s social media promotion around the activity led to a heightened number of Ola Prime bookings and helped the company drive conversation around their new service. The number of bookings too shot through the roof for Ola Prime.

2. Craftsvilla’s #LatestSeLatest


Craftsvilla, one of India’s leading eCommerce websites for handicrafts and traditional handmade Indian jewelry, art pieces and more, rolled out #LatestSeLatest, intended to raise brand awareness.


Craftsvilla collaborated with relevant social media influencers such as Debashree Banerjee, Gia Kashyap and Anshita Juneja on Twitter, Instagram and various different blogs.

The campaign ran through the months of July and August 2016 and helped Craftsvilla reach out to their target audience by tapping into the popularity of these influencers.


Craftsvilla managed to reach out to millions of their target audience by selecting the right influencers to work with from the world of beauty and fashion.

3. Khatabook

KhataBook is a popular online app that aims to help the small and medium-sized business (SMB) sector manage all types of transactions using their digitized ledger service.


Khatabook found out that their competitors only used Hindi as a language of communication. They saw an untapped entry point and decided to tap the southern parts of India.


They started running ads in the top regional languages of the south such as Telugu, and Tamil. Khatabook collaborated with 250 TikTok influencers across the country who created videos in 15 different languages.

Influencers created content that highlighted how users of the app can access their business during a busy season. The content was also curated around trending topics such as Diwali, a spike in the price of Onions and the New Year.


After the usage of vernacular content, they say a 60% incremental growth in install volume and a 20% reduction in cost per install.

4. Tata Cliq

Tata Cliq launched the 10/10 sale with a fun ‘Show Them You Know Them’ challenge to test how much we really know our loved ones. The thought process through this festive campaign was to deepen connections with a wide range of gifting options.


– Raise awareness of curated gifting on Tata CliQ

– Increase brand equity with audiences

– Drive UGC leading to consumer gratification to prompt purchase

– To encourage the participation of the young demographic audience


Tata Cliq created intrigue and excitement by gamifying a challenge. To position Cliq as the perfect place for gift shopping, they decided to unleash the power of influencer marketing. Celebrity duos took this challenge and had to answer questions about each other. The strategy consisted of selecting two unique pairs of celebrities.

Rhea and Harshvardhan were roped in for the sibling edition while Neena and Masaba Gupta made up the mother-daughter duo. These content pieces highlighted the love-hate relationship between siblings the mother-daughter duo proved that mothers always know their daughters best.

Another goal of this campaign was to encourage audience participation. To do so, they closed the campaign with UGC where the audience participated with their loved ones and took the challenge. The participation instantly Cliq-ed with a young demographic and initiated a desire to get to know their loved one better.


The campaign reached an audience of 3.2 Million while generating 70,000+ actions and 3.48 million impressions.

4. Axis Bank’s #AxisThoughtFactory


Axis Bank launched a one-of-a-kind initiative, the Axis Thought Factory in Bangalore, a digital lab that was founded with an aim towards innovating technology solutions for the financial sector. Axis collaborated with numerous tech bloggers to promote their new initiative.


The Axis Thought Factory was launched through an offline activity wherein popular tech bloggers joined the ceremony and then wrote about it on their respective blogs.


#AxisThoughtFactory was trending on Twitter across the country due to the immense social media conversation around it.

What is your niche? Let us know in the comments below and we can help you with designing an awesome Influencer marketing campaign.

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